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Celebrating 20 years

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#3005 Bereket Alem (Men's Half Marathon)

   Mile   Gun Time   Chip Time   Avg Pace   Crossing Time 
(hit mat) Start Line 00:00:01 00:00:00 8:00:17 am
  Mile 1(ETA: 8:15:40 am)
  Mile 2(ETA: 8:31:03 am)
  Mile 3(ETA: 8:46:26 am)
  Mile 4(ETA: 9:01:50 am)
  Mile 5(ETA: 9:17:13 am)
  Mile 6(ETA: 9:32:36 am)
  Mile 7(ETA: 9:47:59 am)
  Mile 8(ETA: 10:03:22 am)
  Mile 9(ETA: 10:18:46 am)
  Mile 10(ETA: 10:34:09 am)
  Mile 11(ETA: 10:49:32 am)
  Mile 12(ETA: 11:04:55 am)
  Mile 13(ETA: 11:20:18 am)
(hit mat) Finish 03:21:36 03:21:35 15:23 11:21:52 am