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Celebrating 20 years

Race Results

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At the 2011 Cellcom Green Bay Marathon, runners ran an extra 800 feet due to incorrect course markings just after mile three. Times for all runners have been adjusted below to reflect this error. This resulted in faster times for all participants.

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#749 Gregg Emond (Men's Full Marathon)

   Mile   Adjusted Gun Time   Adjusted Chip Time   Avg Pace   Adjusted Crossing Time 
(hit mat) Start Line 00:00:00 00:00:00 7:02:51 am
  Mile 1(ETA: 7:11:23 am)
  Mile 2(ETA: 7:19:56 am)
  Mile 3(ETA: 7:28:28 am)
  Mile 4(ETA: 7:37:01 am)
  Mile 5(ETA: 7:45:34 am)
  Mile 6(ETA: 7:54:06 am)
  Mile 7(ETA: 8:02:39 am)
  Mile 8(ETA: 8:11:11 am)
  Mile 9(ETA: 8:19:44 am)
  Mile 10(ETA: 8:28:17 am)
  Mile 11(ETA: 8:36:49 am)
  Mile 12(ETA: 8:45:22 am)
  Mile 13(ETA: 8:53:54 am)
  Half(ETA: 8:54:46 am)
  Mile 14(ETA: 9:03:18 am)
  Mile 15(ETA: 9:11:00 am)
  Mile 16(ETA: 9:19:32 am)
  Mile 17(ETA: 9:28:05 am)
  Mile 18(ETA: 9:36:37 am)
  Mile 19(ETA: 9:45:10 am)
  Mile 20(ETA: 9:53:43 am)
  Mile 21(ETA: 10:02:15 am)
  Mile 22(ETA: 10:10:48 am)
  Mile 23(ETA: 10:19:20 am)
  Mile 24(ETA: 10:27:53 am)
  Mile 25(ETA: 10:36:26 am)
  Mile 26(ETA: 10:44:58 am)
(hit mat) Finish 03:42:34 03:42:34 08:33 10:45:25 am